Vaporwave Dimension (Something About Star Fox 64 Extended Scene)

15 abr 2019
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Update: Despite previously having permission from the original artist to use their song, the video has been copyright claimed and the music removed.
The new songs are:
Stairway by Patrick Patrikios
Beyond by Patrick Patrikios
From the ESworld Audio Library

Here's a glimpse of what Star Fox beheld while travelling through the Vaporwave Dimension; Where time is nonlinear and space is nothing. Where your senses meld together. Where you can find old friends you haven't met yet.
I had a lot of fun making the original scene, I wanted to do more with it and try something different! I hope you guys liked it. I used a lot of amazing .gifs from various artists!

Most of the .gifs are by Erica Anderson
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I also used .gifs from XponentialDesign, please consider supporting their Patreon too!
And other gifs from Giphy by
Teun van der Zalm
As well as this royalty free space footage!
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  • My boy, look at how they massacred my boy

    Jesus ChristJesus ChristHace un mes
    • Open two ESworld tabs: on one play this with no volume, on the other play the old music. The hard part is getting it to line up.

      KianKianHace 21 un hora
    • I want the original

      A T.A T.Hace 23 horas
    • You offended

      Spade StarSpade StarHace un día
    • @Demnark absolutely not. the original was way better.

      SystemRushSystemRushHace un día
    • Very active man

      Egg TEgg THace 6 días
  • madness rave lucuin is a great song that person is a pee pee poo poo

    Pure NRGPure NRGHace un hora
  • I know this is the best choice out of the public library but I think 009 Sound System would have been a better protest change.

    The MagicianThe MagicianHace un hora
  • Wingdings translate to: They Can’t Think It Be Like It Is But It Do

    *Epic Gamer Noises Intensifies**Epic Gamer Noises Intensifies*Hace 2 horas
  • I watched this again, and i remember fox talking before and i feel that the music were diferent or is this a mandela effect?

    Miguel Caballero RojoMiguel Caballero RojoHace 3 horas
  • a e s t h e t i c s

    Anthony McIntosh ValAnthony McIntosh ValHace 3 horas
  • Love that song

    Dante MaggittiDante MaggittiHace 3 horas
    • This vid was hilarious as heck

      Dante MaggittiDante MaggittiHace 3 horas
  • Bad Ending: Andross appeared and gave Fox the promised TRUE PAIIIIIIIIIN!!!!! (=getting Seperated from GF)

    ChrisChrisHace 8 horas
  • Some thing about this is different because I watch this video along time ago but it just feels different

    Logan LovellLogan LovellHace 10 horas
  • Open two ESworld tabs: on one play this with no volume, on the other play the old music. The hard part is getting it to line up.

    KianKianHace 21 un hora
  • What was the original song?

    Lluric ZurulianLluric ZurulianHace 23 horas
    • It says at the start “Rêve Lucide”, it was much better with that music then the new music

      KianKianHace 11 horas
  • The subtitles is the cherry on the cake

    SunburstSunburstHace un día
  • Goddamn record labels ruining everything.

    Zack HalladayZack HalladayHace un día
  • This new replacement is good too, but, somewhat, it feels silent. I miss the original and it feels lonely now. Mute. Silent.

    Mr ShiftMr ShiftHace un día
  • can't you upload it in newgrounds with the original song, or is it also gonna get copyright claimed there?

    Nestox 71Nestox 71Hace un día
  • God I remember this video in all it's original glory. Time to take if off my playlist chill music playlist 😔

    Adrian NaranjoAdrian NaranjoHace un día
  • Aw,man.

    Brainc0la :TBrainc0la :THace un día
  • lol

    E.A.R.LE.A.R.LHace 2 días
  • A moment of silence for the original song being censored 😥😥

    brickfighter 14brickfighter 14Hace 2 días
  • El mundo de las drogas XD

    matias rojas callematias rojas calleHace 2 días
  • Copyright claims are stupid only if this did not ruin the tone if the video

    Sad sealSad sealHace 2 días
  • I hope this returns one day to it's original glory, just like Revenge did on it's moment

    Villager McVillageVillager McVillageHace 3 días
  • Only ogs will remember what the song was.. Not only that but terminal has removed the 10 hour version... 😔🤚

    Galaxygamer201 :3Galaxygamer201 :3Hace 3 días
  • I didn't know that you'd make something like this. It's so respectful, I didn't even play much Starfox but I can feel how much respect you have for it, or can have for it. This is wonderful and mind expanding, thank you. (and I'm so glad there wasn't a punchline at the end, hah)

    SadôgSadôgHace 3 días

    Ca-rrol NeighborCa-rrol NeighborHace 3 días
  • this new song is bad i need the old song xD

    doremi piedoremi pieHace 3 días
  • First Something About Monster Hunter World 4 now this. What’s wrong with the world!? He even got permission to use the song too.

    RemLasher77RemLasher77Hace 3 días
  • Soiled. The original song was perfect. Wish that you could have kept it in. Oh well, youtube strikes again... and again... and again...

    Spire CreatorSpire CreatorHace 3 días
  • This is a nice song really peaceful and you can just chill to it, but the original really hits hard and leaves a void that can’t be filled 🥲

    Eddy I guessEddy I guessHace 3 días
  • Moments like this just can’t last forever, can it? :(

    lostjack157lostjack157Hace 3 días
  • how many he's consumide drugs? 1 kilo? 2 kilo? 2663 kilo??????

    ImGat KillerImGat KillerHace 3 días
  • Why did you change the song I loved the old one

    Ethan SidneyEthan SidneyHace 4 días
  • Donde esta la cancion original >:(

    Christoper KennedyChristoper KennedyHace 4 días
  • No problem il just play the song in another tab and sync with the video

    thepac12andbig10suckthepac12andbig10suckHace 4 días
  • 滑りやすいのは死んでいる

    AhnockAhnockHace 5 días
  • Seriously ask the author of the song to remove the strike

    BowserBowserHace 5 días
  • false copyright claims, are you kidding me? this honestly needs to stop.

    EarlyWizardEarlyWizardHace 5 días
  • I think we can all agree that TerminalMontage has changed our lives with this video

    YOUR HOME boy StephenYOUR HOME boy StephenHace 5 días
  • I have almost cried

    Natonic The HedgehogNatonic The HedgehogHace 5 días
  • they got ride of the song and I'm beyond pissed

    S.O.U.LS.O.U.LHace 5 días
  • Did you say Something About Star Fox Adventures" in the subtitles? OMG I can't wait for it.

    Paul BernalPaul BernalHace 5 días
  • Man I came here for laughs. I left with feels

    Altima NEOAltima NEOHace 6 días
  • R.I.P OG song... new one doesn’t sound bad though!

    Willyboi!!Willyboi!!Hace 6 días
  • Frick youtube and their censorship, the original song was way better than any royalty free songs COMBINED

    BuddyPlotBuddyPlotHace 6 días
  • *button smash noises* "HAY TORA HAHAHAHAAH YA KORE DERA KITEMO" *button smash noises* ":)"

    Battle droid MK12Battle droid MK12Hace 6 días
  • This animation is still wonderful and emotional even without the original music! I can play the original song over this tho so nothing really has changed for me :D

    JuulieJuulieHace 6 días
  • God I love the subtitles on this video

    CosmosiCosmosiHace 6 días
  • Fox can breath in space

    Andrés Mauricio Ordóñez PuentesAndrés Mauricio Ordóñez PuentesHace 6 días
  • Wait what is Lylat Wars? It’s like a subname for Star Fox 64?

    Michał CzaplaMichał CzaplaHace 6 días
  • The original song : LUNE - Rêve Lucide ♡

    I'm DavoI'm DavoHace 6 días
    • thanks was looking for this.... This video... is just not the same anymore :/

      Siriusql BelmontSiriusql BelmontHace 4 días
  • While the new isn't bad the original felt more emotional as each segment was telling it's own story through the visuals.

    GokaikillerTobiGokaikillerTobiHace 6 días
  • Anger.

    Buttzilla69Buttzilla69Hace 6 días
  • are u kidding me

    zicraftianzicraftianHace 6 días
  • I feel like this was inspired by Hillsong’s Wonder Album.... Hmmm....

    Jadude116Jadude116Hace 7 días
  • What happened to the original song?

    Smack 80Smack 80Hace 7 días
  • didn't the guy remove the copyright on the original video? Why not put the music back on this one too?

    Shad the KnightShad the KnightHace 7 días
  • They took the funny song, and SHOT it in THE HEAD

    Angry GrievousAngry GrievousHace 7 días
  • why this make me cry man

    lmaolmaoHace 7 días
  • Stupid copyright claim😢😢 it is not the same...

    DeerSlayer04DeerSlayer04Hace 7 días
  • Im just gonna mute this, and play the og song overtop. Best video on youtube right here and some big ol company was like "no"

    Sir AardvarkSir AardvarkHace 7 días
  • Star fox has a drug trip

    green Egreen EHace 8 días
  • stupid seismographs

    Shenron SuperShenron SuperHace 8 días
  • Did he have to change the music from the original? I remember it different

    papito3773papito3773Hace 8 días
  • Its so sad that it got copyright claimed why does beautiful things have to be destroyed for that? Anyways I really fell in love with this video back when it came out, I was heartbroken to not find the original song under it and I needed to play it in a different tab and watch this video Doing this is literaly a shot in the foot because of this people actually find out about this masterpiece of music I hate life xD

    WüstenwieselWüstenwieselHace 8 días

    The Pencil CuntsThe Pencil CuntsHace 8 días
  • ruined.

    briskbriskHace 8 días
  • I must've missed the copyright claim, cause WHAT?!? I loved the old song and this makes me so sad hearing it. Great video, just doesn't hit the same :(

    Simon SalinasSimon SalinasHace 8 días
  • When you have wet hands and you touch the screen

    the stingerthe stingerHace 9 días
  • Holy damn I'm actually sad about the copyright claim I loved that music and I think it fit so well now the video doesn't feel the same!

    Crymson DeAlluraCrymson DeAlluraHace 9 días
  • man he be trippin on acid

    Banana ManBanana ManHace 9 días
  • It is very Relaxing

    Fabrit FbFabrit FbHace 9 días
  • IDK,it doesn’t give me the same punch no more,thanks copyright

    Jr VillantesJr VillantesHace 9 días
  • relaxing animation

    Miguel Ahias Gomes RibeiroMiguel Ahias Gomes RibeiroHace 9 días
  • I will always much prefer the original song, but the song being gone doesn't change the fact that this video was still very powerful in it's own way. Excellent writing Terminal, truly excellent

    Zephyr HikaruZephyr HikaruHace 9 días
  • I don’t wanna watch this video anymore I’m gonna find the original on some sketchy ass site from now on

  • I am going to send a strongly worded letter to whoever decided to copyright strike this video. They ruined the one video on this platform that kept my sanity in tact.

    Frickin' RumbiFrickin' RumbiHace 9 días
    • Search the song name on ESworld. You'll be surprised. Then if you know how to download youtube videos do it. Your sanity is important.

      LeetheconquerorLeetheconquerorHace 8 días
    • It’s a shame that they don’t seem to care at all that they have, many like you, enraged that they have ruined perfection.

      CommonCommentatingCommentorCommonCommentatingCommentorHace 9 días
  • Dont worry fox just make another vaporwave

    the stingerthe stingerHace 10 días

    NathanQuoinNathanQuoinHace 10 días
  • this is the most heartbreaking copyright claim ever

    Christopher PylesChristopher PylesHace 10 días
  • This is so sad. I miss Reve.

    Divine_Water_SheepDivine_Water_SheepHace 10 días
  • I hate it now Edit: you could've asked the original author to remove the strike I mean THIS IDIOT USED IT FOR VIEWS TO LATER COPYRIGHT IT.

    BowserBowserHace 10 días
  • Hopefully, i saved the original~

    Pyxes GhostPyxes GhostHace 11 días
  • It changed..A w.

    Just A Friend.Just A Friend.Hace 11 días
  • Another masterpiece fallen victim to copyright. Sad kirbo noises 🥺

    Matt HMatt HHace 11 días
  • Sad TerminalMontage noises :(

    Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ MarioHace 11 días
  • the one thing that could slow fox down was love

    Tariq DanzigTariq DanzigHace 12 días
  • pain. great pain.

    Typical LoliTypical LoliHace 13 días
  • Woah what happened to the original version

    meathog77meathog77Hace 13 días
  • my only question, why does the music sound diffrent?

    Chatterbox 844Chatterbox 844Hace 14 días
    • Copyrighted. Check the description.

      TheDolphinLordTheDolphinLordHace 10 días
  • You pretty much popularized the original song

    Jeremy Jacob YuckJeremy Jacob YuckHace 14 días
  • When the weed kicks in

    Priscilla VPriscilla VHace 14 días
  • Wait... Did you change the song?

    Opinión de un IgnoranteOpinión de un IgnoranteHace 15 días
  • This fucking Copyright bullshit.

    Das InstitutDas InstitutHace 15 días
    • @Cooleostarstash Plays Ah yes. I've missed that. Thank you very much.

      Das InstitutDas InstitutHace 14 días
    • It says it at 0:05

      Cooleostarstash PlaysCooleostarstash PlaysHace 14 días
  • When i use cocaine:

    ImNotPuroImNotPuroHace 15 días
  • Did you deleted the original song? I remember you had a long version of the original song

    perplejo10perplejo10Hace 15 días
    • It got copyrighted

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ MarioHace 11 días
  • "Too lazy to translate it" -_- i got my eye in you mister

    Josh CookJosh CookHace 16 días
  • epileps

    AlexGamer55_YT :vAlexGamer55_YT :vHace 16 días
  • Wait the theme changed rip

    organizationorganizationHace 16 días
  • Aww what happened to the Original Soundtrack :'( i was vibing with it!!

    suavepoipoisuavepoipoiHace 16 días
  • Wow this is wasome 😍

    Roberto ChinchillaRoberto ChinchillaHace 17 días