Something About Sonic The Hedgehog ANIMATED (Loud Sound & Flashing Light Warning) 🔵💨

2 may 2020
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Well it's about time we see what the Blue Blur is up to!

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Art, Animation, Backgrounds, Sound Design by Jeremey Chinshue
Dr. Robotnik by Daniel Gavin
Tails by Jazzpiano8
Sonic voice clips from The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog and Smash Bros Brawl
Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone (SNES Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Boss - Sonic the Hedgehog SilvaGunner Rip

Sonic 1/Sonic 2 - Act Clear (SNES Remix) by MR.Green 3627 (Check this guy's channel out, he does some great remixes!)
Spring Yard Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog SilvaGunner Rip
Drowning - Sonic Mania SilvaGunner Rip

Sonic 1 - Scrap Brain Zone (SNES Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Sonic 2 - Boss Theme (SNES Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
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  • 1 year later and it's still may.

    Raijuu !Raijuu !Hace 3 días
    • Yes

      Micah LopezMicah LopezHace 2 días
    • Did they really just pin you

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    • its been a year since i commented about something about wii sports resort

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    Drappity BapDrappity BapHace 4 horas
  • Jeremy got a job in Spring Yard Zone when Chili Dogs got took control of Terminal Montage

    MateCo19MateCo19Hace 9 horas
  • C H I L L I D O G S

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  • This... Is the best video. 1:08, Chili dogs × 2 147 543 851

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  • 2:47 Ebsorb ... *SUPA SANIC MODE ENGAGED*

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  • 2:44 Sonic=my sister Dr.Robotnik=me Chaos emeralds=cookies

    vic-каналvic-каналHace 20 horas

    King and FriendsKing and FriendsHace un día
  • 0:38 is funny because the dr egg man's neck

    Juan Carlos AvalosJuan Carlos AvalosHace un día
  • Klonoa S2

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  • OMG evil otmit sonic!?

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  • 0:37 fucking kills me man. Favorite seconds of all your videos so far lol.

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  • cooooool

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  • Tails: Sonic you can do it you can beat the tosteo sonic: chilly dogs tails: what sonic : 😡😡😡😡😡

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  • this made my feel better from being sick LOL

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  • At 33

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  • I love when he says chili dogs

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  • why is this (bad) type called "mr.worker"?

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  • 1:11

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  • When you break the level entrance in LittleBigPlanet: 0:38

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  • 0:33

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  • Funniest part is the Binary code says "Bird up"

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  • 2:49 Holy moly, that sonic x intro...

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  • Poyo poyo poyo. Translation: chilidogs.

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  • "01100010 01101001 01110010 01100100 00100000 01110101 01110000 00100001" means "Bird up!"

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  • 2:33 OH NO, YOU'RE A WALL NOW.

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  • Its amazing

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  • Sanic

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  • I can't believe it's been one year ...

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  • 2:40 When my brother finds the last cookie at moms hiding spot

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  • Happy 1 year video anniversary

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  • "You can do it, Sonic! You can beat the Totino's!" -Miles "Tails" Prower, 2020

    Pifflesome Puff NadderPifflesome Puff NadderHace 2 días
  • Just one question, in the scene at 1:36 in the top left corner we can see 2 people. It is not Geno wo run after the Speedrunner Demon?

    Zootopi 65Zootopi 65Hace 2 días
  • I saw Klonoa in one of the cars!!!

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  • Mario:MAMA MIA Eggman:EGG Sonic:chilli d0gs

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  • I wonder if there was any ugandan knuckles, pingas, or sonic.exe references

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  • Jsjs me dio risa el final

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  • eggman is 0:33

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    • Your too slow 0:56

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  • 1:28 over here enjoying the show then im like nsync!?

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  • *chili dogs*

  • You can do it Sonic you can beat the totinos

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  • I like how the animation is funny and made at the same time I really like it

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  • 2:10 Jet Set Radio?

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  • 0:33 Look how cute this hedgehog is.

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  • Best scene 🎵Every little thing I do 🎵 🎵Never seem enough for you 🎵 🎵You don’t want to lose it again🎵 🎵But I’m not like them🎵 🎵Baby, when you finally🎵 🎵Get to love somebody🎵 🎵Guess what🎵 🎵It’s gonna be me🎵

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  • 1:27 - 1:37 That has to be *NSYNC song

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  • The Jet Grind Radio refrence was 👑

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  • 727 WYSI

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  • 2:43 they are not yours

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  • He look it that guy from the for the dead in 1:32

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  • 0:36 me after seeing someone rage-quit because i beat them 50 times be like:

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  • Y star light zone

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  • Me in Mario kart 0:57

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  • my enemies sending me distraction dance and distracting me and painting on my statue: 2:08

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  • Me encantó la referencia a Jet Set Radio :3

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  • 1:27 - 1:37 Please tell me I 'm not going crazy and am not the only one who hears an NSYNC song.

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    • It is nsync it's from silvagunners spring yard zone

      Le Dogelas MacBarkerLe Dogelas MacBarkerHace 4 días
    • I’m with u, I thought the same, it’s gonna be me

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  • Good mod of FNF i like it

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  • Super Sanic welcome to the world of light

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  • I forget how much funnier these are with captions lol

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  • Chili dogs

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  • So looking back on Sonic 1, I think I finally have a "decent" explanation of why Robotnik was so under prepared for Sonic in Scrap Brain Zone's final boss fight. He basically didnt know Sonic was a threat, so on a whim, thought he could trap Sonic in the Generator room of Scrap Brain Zone, using the Generators Piston's to squish him, but because it was a generator, was only able to fire two pistons at a time, instead of smashing all of them down (or Up) at once, and instead of having the pistons firing both up or both down, he randomized the piston firing manually in a attempt to catch the hedgehog off kilter and unprepared instead of a predictable piston pattern. This has been a theory, a Zeoinx theory....thanks for reading.

    ZeoinxZeoinxHace 7 días
  • I see you using Rajangs roar 😉

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  • please do sonic 2 of this plz

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  • 2:44 hyper sonic be like:

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  • 1:26 *P I N G A S*

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