Something About The Typing of the Dead ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 鈱笍馃拃

19 oct 2019
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Pandemonium has broke out in Venice! Wielding a weapon far greater than a gun, Agents James and Gary set out to restore peace to Italy and stop the undead menace from spreading to the rest of the world.
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Dying NPC
Jeffrey Giamo, creator of Captain Fear Facer
James, Gary, Amy, Harry
Chainsaw Cat Monster
Team Fortress 2 Demoman
ME :)
Production Assistant: Vanessa Chinshue
All remixes by the talented TheLegendofRenegade!
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Valis 1 [GEN] - Lonely Soldier (SNES Remix)
Golden Axe - Turtle Village 1 (SNES Remix)
Advance Wars - Sturm's Theme (CPS-2 Remix) PATRON REQUEST
Super Mario Bros 1 - Final Bowser (Sega Genesis Remix)
Mega Man X6 - Boss Theme (Sega Genesis Remix)
Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
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  • Meme demon origins, this is the beginning of what Sakurai tried to warn Mario about

    Lord Of SandvichLord Of SandvichHace 2 meses
    • Why you make aaronanimals pet a evil beast with a chainsaw

      Mohd HafizhanuddinMohd HafizhanuddinHace 20 d铆as
    • it's canon now.

      4NWarrior4NWarriorHace un mes
    • @William R No clue but if I had to guess at 3:00 James knows there are consequences for what he's about to do

      Lord Of SandvichLord Of SandvichHace 2 meses
    • Pinned even. Is this confirmed??

      William RWilliam RHace 2 meses
    • so truuuuuuuuu

      Del YuDel YuHace 2 meses
  • "Geno for smash"

    Tiny Desk EngineerTiny Desk EngineerHace 6 horas
  • congratulations CaptainFearFacer, you are in the credits of a big channel, as ..dying npc . ..

    KeinStyleKeinStyleHace 12 horas
  • Bring back memories i still remember it has been like 6 years since i completed house of the dead 2 but haven't played the type of the dead. Sorry.

    PrithbeePrithbeeHace 21 un hora
  • Ultra instinct shaggy vs Speed demon?

    Toed TardisToed TardisHace 2 d铆as
  • Finally a SEGA game!

    stormxjpstormxjpHace 2 d铆as
  • That woman just said: this man is dead... Oh yeah heres his car key

    Ben The k4tBen The k4tHace 2 d铆as
  • I wish Namco could make their own keyboard shooter, I call it Type Crisis

    Speedrun 64Speedrun 64Hace 2 d铆as
  • Super Typing Bros.

    Mario MarioMario MarioHace 2 d铆as
  • 3:14

    I like you cut gI like you cut gHace 3 d铆as
  • Geno for smash

    Riley PleskatRiley PleskatHace 3 d铆as
  • T u r n b a c k n o w o r y o u a r e a s t u p i d fart noise*

    Anthony SanchezAnthony SanchezHace 4 d铆as
  • Whomst鈥檇鈥檝e

    Ray GagnonRay GagnonHace 4 d铆as
  • This video will call it Typing of the Dead Memes, really complicated at the end there.

    Jaren LeeJaren LeeHace 4 d铆as
  • Homerchu lol

    Murph Dog123Murph Dog123Hace 5 d铆as
  • _makes keyboard control click noises_

    William HendersonWilliam HendersonHace 5 d铆as
  • The text-to-speech is so similar to the original voice acting in the game

    Remains UnknownRemains UnknownHace 5 d铆as
  • This is a funny kind of house of the dead 馃ぃ

    Reynold MacainanReynold MacainanHace 5 d铆as
  • Video: **whomst'd've** Me:**whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es'nt'ed'ies's'y'es'nt't're'ing'able'ric'ive'al'nt'ne'm'll'ble'al**

    Jose Marco SolanoJose Marco SolanoHace 5 d铆as
  • Can we get a line of whomst鈥檇鈥檝e

    Strawberry crep茅鈥檚 Freakshow circusStrawberry crep茅鈥檚 Freakshow circusHace 6 d铆as
  • me : appears james : who are you me : my names colton thanks for the memes james: what Me : takes memes and locks inti file cabinets james : OK

    Colton ShortellColton ShortellHace 6 d铆as
  • 3:16: Thats a weird way of spelling "E"

    Davis MackDavis MackHace 7 d铆as

    Joshua PerryJoshua PerryHace 8 d铆as
  • I thought the word stronger than shaggy was monke

    Kathryn HapgoodKathryn HapgoodHace 8 d铆as
  • I played it onces

    TitanDreamTitanDreamHace 8 d铆as
  • Oh god he was trying to warn us. We thought TrollFace was dead for good but the signs were right in front of us all along. Jeremey, you could have prevented this, all of this, but the people didn't listen!

    Relaxing NilesRelaxing NilesHace 8 d铆as
    • Comment's triple edited btw, had the name right the first time but swapped it just to be sure, then went back and changed it again cuz its 4 am and I need sleep dude

      Relaxing NilesRelaxing NilesHace 8 d铆as
  • terminal predicted the return id wojacks

    The_Dead_Knight3The_Dead_Knight3Hace 9 d铆as
  • Oh I see

    Lucas HuLucas HuHace 9 d铆as

    MysPlayzGamezMysPlayzGamezHace 9 d铆as
  • What the hell was that random funny unexpected whomst'dve meme

    Andrew FierroAndrew FierroHace 9 d铆as
  • At around 0:57 he killed the demon by typing 鈥渂ird up鈥

    MLGchicken 鈥MLGchicken 鈥Hace 10 d铆as
  • I鈥檓 just impressed on how the guy can drive in a straight line while turning left and right non-stop Respect.

    MegaMegaHace 10 d铆as
  • arcade version is pretty fun you even get to type on one of dem old school keyboards

    danielryidanielryiHace 10 d铆as
  • 1:32 is that G-Man on the left?

    LouisGalaxozLouisGalaxozHace 10 d铆as
  • Make Oot part two please

    Michelle HawkinsMichelle HawkinsHace 11 d铆as
  • Death note: keyboard edition.

    G'night, KiteG'night, KiteHace 11 d铆as
  • 0:16 kirbo to those who didn鈥檛 notice

    The last scottish ShadowstrikerThe last scottish ShadowstrikerHace 11 d铆as
  • Still waiting on OOT pt. 2

    Dr. Endy 293Dr. Endy 293Hace 13 d铆as
  • weird game

    Zachary SwensonZachary SwensonHace 13 d铆as
  • Did he just piss himself 1:00

    isREEL delaCUUZisREEL delaCUUZHace 13 d铆as
  • 2:38 your m'ladies was spot on 馃槀

    Chief PiglooChief PiglooHace 13 d铆as
  • todo este tiempo era el mr. graso

    Defrait64Defrait64Hace 13 d铆as

    Alven PortAlven PortHace 13 d铆as
  • You gotta do more house of the dead related animations. It would be so hilarious.

    The Brewery of JaxThe Brewery of JaxHace 13 d铆as
  • 0:55 my man typed bird up for fricks sake

    ToasterToasterHace 14 d铆as
  • Lol this funny

    Sceptile The Gamer YTSceptile The Gamer YTHace 14 d铆as
  • 0:47 Where鈥檚 that scream from?

    Ethan ByrdEthan ByrdHace 14 d铆as
  • So here's a story Back in the day i used to go to computer club and we have this really boring typing lesson, and this game, typing of the dead, is considered "fun" because everything else is really shitty by comparison

    ribgribber lolribgribber lolHace 14 d铆as
  • 1:01 i think Harry was pissed

    Dat yaso890 Official Music / Official GameDat yaso890 Official Music / Official GameHace 15 d铆as
  • I thought is the house of the dead

    HoHo GamingHoHo GamingHace 15 d铆as
  • The only person I respect that uses emojis in the tlite

    Saber 440Saber 440Hace 15 d铆as
  • For anyone wondering, I have sat while I wiped every time after this video Truly, life changing

    Liam PetersonLiam PetersonHace 15 d铆as
  • Hey, the house of the dead is getting a remake

    Spence ThrockmortonSpence ThrockmortonHace 15 d铆as
  • remember the command Ctrl+shft+ TACO?

    BerglastwagonBerglastwagonHace 16 d铆as
  • The the typing of dead

    KallmeKattKallmeKattHace 16 d铆as
  • Intresting.

    Ian HavermansIan HavermansHace 16 d铆as
  • This plays like the end of an SMG4 arc

    Greyson SenaGreyson SenaHace 17 d铆as
  • The dead meme part aged well...

    Hero GamesHero GamesHace 17 d铆as
  • Returned because of House of the Dead 1 Remake hype.

    SuperCJK333SuperCJK333Hace 17 d铆as
  • Looks like the neckbeard suffered like G did

    KagjiKagjiHace 17 d铆as
  • if i play this game i will just spam my keyboard

    Avi M Schwartz-VazquezAvi M Schwartz-VazquezHace 17 d铆as
  • *Thank you for rescuing me*

    Robot SalesmanRobot SalesmanHace 17 d铆as
  • 馃槀馃槀馃槀

    Unknown PG3DUnknown PG3DHace 18 d铆as
  • Bruh

    Baby GalopeBaby GalopeHace 19 d铆as
  • Oh the typing version of the arcade shooter

    AxlAxlHace 19 d铆as
  • 1:40 DEMOMAN

    No NameNo NameHace 20 d铆as
  • Another super underrated video

    FadsyFadsyHace 21 un d铆a
  • Whos here for the remake

    shockwave the uncreatorshockwave the uncreatorHace 21 un d铆a
  • 1:20 Isn't that Tower's gimmick instead of Hierophant's?

    Sir KrigeonSir KrigeonHace 21 un d铆a
  • 0:57 He typed 鈥淏ird up鈥

    User googleUser googleHace 22 d铆as
  • Didnt realise how many people played the House of the dead 2 I thought it was just me and like 3 other ppl

  • So this is the *second* mention of Golden Corral in the series that I have detected. Terminal got a thing for southern buffets? ;)

    ArnieMcStrangleholdArnieMcStrangleholdHace 24 d铆as
  • :whomst'd've are you sure about that 2:49 3:14 get destroyed

    ??Hace 24 d铆as
  • whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es'nt'ed'ies's'y'es'nt't're'ing'able'ric'ive'al'nt'ne'm'll'ble'al

    Lukeario797 ThoseTimesLukeario797 ThoseTimesHace 25 d铆as
  • 鈥淲hat was the person think when they discovered cows milk was fine for human consumption, and what were they doing in the first place?鈥

    Caleb EssCaleb EssHace 26 d铆as
  • Thats some REAL intense Typing

    Super Console 76Super Console 76Hace 26 d铆as
  • Whomst鈥檇鈥檝e

    Fether boiFether boiHace 26 d铆as
  • *G E N O F O R S M A S H 4*

    Ellis DentEllis DentHace 26 d铆as
  • Instead of Goldman the villain is a redditor.

    WhoisDrew?WhoisDrew?Hace 27 d铆as
  • 0:12 + 2:21 pretty accurate. This is more than likely how I would drive a car.

    鈥ndie鈥鈥ndie鈥Hace 27 d铆as
  • Oh no ultra instant shaggy

    brick guy meet me in robloxbrick guy meet me in robloxHace 27 d铆as
  • Should I feel bad that I thought he was gonna type Big Chungus

    Nathaniel PalmerNathaniel PalmerHace 28 d铆as
  • Bird up

    Detective SpoonDetective SpoonHace 29 d铆as
  • The most underrated TerminalMontage video

    - TriforceWill -- TriforceWill -Hace un mes
  • I鈥檝e watched this 4,178,692 times

    Jack CocciaJack CocciaHace un mes
  • " He's bringing dead memes back to life! " This legend actually just predicted r/dankmemes right now.

    MesprittheDigimonMesprittheDigimonHace un mes
  • Oh, no Magician or Emperor?

    ByoNemesisByoNemesisHace un mes
  • Somehow the troll face survived that

    Not only I'm an asshole ButNot only I'm an asshole ButHace un mes
  • I had to play this game to practice my typing speed in my CST class.馃ぃ

    Incredible Mr.EIncredible Mr.EHace un mes
  • Such furious typing.

    TheZaiusTheZaiusHace un mes
  • it said bird up

    Johan StrombeckJohan StrombeckHace un mes
  • Hold on was this an actual game?

    NyanaNyanaHace un mes
    • @Srdjan Smudja I watched the gameplay. It鈥檚 cursed

      NyanaNyanaHace un mes
    • Yes

      Srdjan SmudjaSrdjan SmudjaHace un mes
  • Now that I watched dunkeys video about this, it makes this video 10 times more better

    That_H0mm1ess _ManThat_H0mm1ess _ManHace un mes
  • 3:14 i tought its gonna be rick roll

  • 1:23 Truly disgusting, that some "people" would do such a horrible thing

    JimothyOnTVJimothyOnTVHace un mes
  • Yuo

    KillerofcatsKillerofcatsHace un mes
  • Lol

    AppleVJuic3AppleVJuic3Hace un mes
  • w h o m s t 鈥 d 鈥 v e

    Jack CocciaJack CocciaHace un mes
  • POV you got recommended this video over a year later because you watched the Dunkey video.

    SpeedieSharkSpeedieSharkHace un mes
  • 1:59 This is why I hate Doritos besides the taste. Choose pringles, Wiser and better ;)

    Roblox pro gamerRoblox pro gamerHace un mes