"Something About" Season 3 (Loud Sound & Light Sensitivity Warning) 📼📼📼

8 mar 2021
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A compilation of all the "Something About" videos from 2020 and early 2021 (minus the post credit scenes)! It's been a crazy year! We watched our hunters Bill and Bogues put an end to Shara Ishvalda and his mixtapes. Ditto gave us some *really* good eggs. A dragon slaying astronaut blew up a space pirate base. Sonc ate some chili dogs. A mysterious organization got some signal from somewhere. Link found the 3 sacred gem thingies and Ganondorf can't Triforce. Zero doesn't want to hang out with Megaman. Yoshi's Island turned into a giant book but he still couldn't read. Kirbo and his Kirbros saved Dreamland from a weird mirror. The Photon Aerospace Control engineer, better known as a PAC-Man, escaped from a derelict solar mining vessel. Kirbo celebrated Christmas and Luigi traveled through space and time to find his possessed speedrunning brother.
Thank you all for the support, none of this could've happened without you!
Something Series Full Playlist: esworld.info/cd/PL_nUhPfMOdacbmxUn0m8bZf0Gu6SIsTgg.html
0:00 Intro
0:06 Something About MHW Iceborne
4:43 Ditto's Daycare Dance
6:57Something About Super Metroid
18:21 Something About Sonic The Hedgehog
21:29 ? ? ? ? ? ?
21:51 Something About Zelda OoT Part 1
26:41 Something About Megaman X
33:37 Something About Yoshi's Story
41:09 Something About Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
48:41 Something About Pac-Man
52:09 A Very Kirbo Christmas
53:46 Something About Smash Bros The Subspace Emissary
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Jeremey Chinshue - Animation, Backgrounds, Coloring, Sound Design and Writing
Edgar Nielsen - Background Art, Animation and Coloring
Chris Hernandez - Background Art
Chelsea Livingstone - Voice of The Handler, The Tracker, Samus, Mother Brain and the Kirbos
Tuna (one of the MH Math Guys) as Field Team Leader & The Seeker
Marc Rafanan as the Zebesians
Dr. Robotnik by Daniel Gavin
Tails by Jazzpiano8
Great Deku Tree By Andrew Bond
Saria By Eziasvot
Darunia By Adam Carrizales
Link, Zelda, The Kokiri By Acapela Box
Lucas Gilbertson as Zero
Stuart A. Hutson as Sigma, Cloudjin, Speeddemon, Tabuu
Voice of Baby Bowser by SrPelo
Voice of Judge by David Dixon
Will (BadGuy) Text to Speech as Dark Mind acapela-box.com/AcaBox/index.php​
Narrator - TTS Paul at ttsdemo.com/​
Jesus' voice is from the CSB Audiobible at www.biblegateway.com/resources/audio/
Grant Patrizio - Luigi
starkyrie - Palutena
Kojiasano - Anime Mario
Jordan Haro - Future Geno
VS Announcer - Sandy White
For links to the music used and other credits check the descriptions of each standalone video! Found in this playlist esworld.info/cd/PL_nUhPfMOdacbmxUn0m8bZf0Gu6SIsTgg.html
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  • I like to think that in kirbos Christmas special the reason the Kirby bros Arnt with kirbo is that they already met and exchanged gifts and decided to spend Christmas with there personal freinds like how Kirby’s with Simon and Luigi, and who knows it never says it’s Christmas Day and the scene were kirbo gives cards to the mailman what kinda person sends cards on Christmas Day so mabye they will all meet then. I’m looking way to into this ain’t I.

    Bingo BangoBingo BangoHace un mes
    • Hi. I was ur 300th like.

      Mr. Johnny XDMr. Johnny XDHace 15 días
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      rita taismaniarrita taismaniarHace 17 días
    • bro in the game amazing mirro they are all extensions of kirbo/kirby so they always with him

      Kono SubaKono SubaHace 25 días
    • This funni meme show has become very complicated

      ok okok okHace 26 días

      Garrett DownsGarrett DownsHace 28 días
  • Mario becomes speedy jojo character: > E N R I C O P U C C I has entered the fight! Let the battles begin!

    papyrusplaystoopapyrusplaystooHace 8 horas
  • For real tho can we get ocarina part 2???????

    Frustrated MillennialFrustrated MillennialHace 13 horas
  • Minecraft plz

  • 13:55 Sad But Funniest Part

    SuperSonicGamerSuperSonicGamerHace 15 horas
  • You thought you could sneak that Snorlax into that crowd of Gorons?! I SEE IT, WE ALL SEE IT.

    Curt NicholsonCurt NicholsonHace 20 horas
  • That ditto face that lasted 0.1 sec xD

    Thomas LeuillierThomas LeuillierHace un día
  • 39:48

    Franz NiervaFranz NiervaHace un día
  • Dude do: something about friday night funkin'

    Luke LoneWolfOpsLuke LoneWolfOpsHace un día
  • i wanna get some of my favorite list here

    lulu nutlelulu nutleHace 2 días
    • 53:46 subspace emmasary *alert‼️ halberd been destroyed

      lulu nutlelulu nutleHace 2 días
    • 48:41 pacman's arive here

      lulu nutlelulu nutleHace 2 días
    • 21:29 uh...rosalina?

      lulu nutlelulu nutleHace 2 días
    • um ok,

      lulu nutlelulu nutleHace 2 días
  • Perfect and sr pelo voice baby browser so cute yes perfect voice

    krowlister ytkrowlister ytHace 2 días

    Quentin JacksonQuentin JacksonHace 2 días
  • “With a minimum of 50,000 dollars for each year spent in prison” *Checks the date of something about yoshis island*

    MucMucHace 2 días
  • 7:39 Dababy??

  • 31:15 Me when someone says smash bro’s don’t need more mega man music

    Evan WardEvan WardHace 3 días
  • hey did anyone else see geno fall from the sky???

    toarser Dogtoarser DogHace 3 días
  • 0:36 I love how demoman's charge voice clip is being used here

    LuigiKing 1314LuigiKing 1314Hace 3 días
  • magic pancakes yay :D

    teddydemon920 Verhoeffteddydemon920 VerhoeffHace 3 días
  • 7:46 oh ur approching me?

    Jason SiahaanJason SiahaanHace 3 días
  • I love how someone criticized the Christian kirbo so Jermey did the only logical thing and dialed it up to 100🤣

    BadButSweatyBadButSweatyHace 3 días
  • The way of traveling in this universe. Bay blade bay blade bay blade

    wyatt joneswyatt jonesHace 4 días
  • That had to be the most smoothest sounding neck snap I’ve ever heard Has sonic ever done that before cause he is pretty good at it

    A Mat's PurposeA Mat's PurposeHace 4 días
  • 26:30 best part

    Sir Ri0s DavianSir Ri0s DavianHace 4 días
  • Terminal Montage is the Michael Bay of gaming confirmed (except his videos are actually good).

    William HendersonWilliam HendersonHace 4 días
  • bebebebebebebebe

    Silvie KutejovaSilvie KutejovaHace 5 días
  • If speed runners were that fast

    Nate CrazyNate CrazyHace 5 días
  • wow!

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  • only the most advanced form of space travel. *E* *G* *G*

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  • Never! Cristian Kirby will never stop!

    Strawberry crepé’s Freakshow circusStrawberry crepé’s Freakshow circusHace 6 días
  • That Packman video will forever give me nightmares.

    LuniexLuniexHace 6 días
  • 41:26 I realized these were wing dings and got this: .watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Edit: don't use period Edit 2: don't. do it.

    Matthew SchimmellMatthew SchimmellHace 6 días
  • Culex battle theme ftw.

    Klelk WoodinKlelk WoodinHace 6 días
  • I cannot get over how amazing and goosebump raising the PAC-MAN interpretation was done, Terminal. The interesting frames, the angles, the LIGHTING! The action frames read well and lead you exactly where you want us to be. Sound design is 👌👌 the character designs fit so well with the atmosphere you wanted to create. First time I watched it I genuinely got a little second hand nervousness! It was incredible. I’m so happy to see another artist using bright and saturated colors, too! I hope you see this, even though we all know that you were aware of this haha. Cheers

    Hank AndersonHank AndersonHace 7 días
  • ¡You have to make all videos now to ge sesaon 4!

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  • 53:25

    Brendan VanofferenBrendan VanofferenHace 7 días
  • Bird Up

    Larry QuickLarry QuickHace 7 días
  • I've watched this multiple times and just now noticed Luigi and Kurbo in the Hyrule Castle windows when Link gets the letter from Zelda.

    Dorthy LeisureDorthy LeisureHace 7 días
  • Yo, I love this stuff. I want the next one... if there will be another one... (please have another one).

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  • 47:53

    Brendan VanofferenBrendan VanofferenHace 8 días
  • Why is Kirby my favorite nintendo character? Watch this vid and God will show you the way of Kirbo

    Dandy BenDandy BenHace 8 días
  • 22:11 starcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreferencestarcraftreference 23:05 anotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreferenceanotherstarcraftreference

    Tasu elXDTasu elXDHace 8 días
  • There's context in the subtitles but you have to watch the original videos to see it

    random guyrandom guyHace 8 días
  • *The B A B Y*

  • Watched this at 2x speed and all I’ll say is... I regret nothing.

    The PokemanThe PokemanHace 9 días
    • It somehow improves on the humor at times 🤣

      The Crimson CreatureThe Crimson CreatureHace 7 días
  • but why is there no Demoman joke at 1:16 :(

    Logan KlineLogan KlineHace 9 días
  • Name of music or 03:49

    Erick HenriqueErick HenriqueHace 10 días
  • 8:12 dito is THERE!!!

    The dooman 24The dooman 24Hace 10 días
  • Ditto fucks.

    William ReelyWilliam ReelyHace 10 días
  • O_O

    okulum Hüseyin Sinanokulum Hüseyin SinanHace 10 días
  • Wait TerminalMontage watches Howl's moving castle that be epic man

    Chance StudorChance StudorHace 10 días
  • It's funny how many of Matpat's theories are mentioned here. Like how the animals are carrying the x parasite or how rosalina could be Luigi's daughter

    Travis BakerTravis BakerHace 10 días
  • 29:08 Friday night funkin

    Kolter RulzKolter RulzHace 10 días
  • Boshi is sick

    Johan FribergJohan FribergHace 10 días
  • Not gonna lie, when I first saw the Pac-Man animation, i thought it was Deadspace due to the battery pack bar on his back. Edit: Oh i guess it's kind of meant to be since he's using the plasma cutter pistol.

    Evan BailesEvan BailesHace 11 días
  • Make Oot part two please

    Michelle HawkinsMichelle HawkinsHace 11 días
  • Did you guys know. This part was in here 1:10:29

    Bunnyboy GamingBunnyboy GamingHace 11 días
  • When you say frick in a Cristian minecraft sever 47:53

    Bunnyboy GamingBunnyboy GamingHace 11 días
  • I have to say after this is sing that's it it's good it's a and it's definitely a video but it's I can't understand it in words at all okay I like it but also it's fine I can't understand what I haven't even want people video yet now that I also forgot a lot of the video English the

    Amanda FoxAmanda FoxHace 12 días
  • bird up

    Avtar SekhonAvtar SekhonHace 12 días
  • Something About Kirby Star Allies next in Season 4

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  • 18:58 ayo is that the f zero soundfont

    CesminorYTCesminorYTHace 12 días
  • When megaman said: *I M A B I G B O I* I felt that

    IloveItalyIloveItalyHace 12 días
  • 📼📼📼

    Alexander BrownAlexander BrownHace 12 días
  • What inspired you to have Kirbo be Christian? (Also, that Christmas Kirbo short was wholesome!!)

    Swagalicious NerdSwagalicious NerdHace 13 días
  • the amount of tiny details and easter eggs in these are crazy

    Isaac klemmIsaac klemmHace 13 días
  • This is my favorite anime

    Shadow PhoenixShadow PhoenixHace 13 días
  • Something about pacman reminds me of dead space 2

    my No no squaremy No no squareHace 13 días
  • theres actullyy just a tmu thats all led up to this

    Gunslung MiloGunslung MiloHace 13 días
  • Christian kirbo makes me wanna be Christian again

    Gunslung MiloGunslung MiloHace 13 días
  • You shoulda put exodia in the Sarasaland prisons

    AeMc RaAeMc RaHace 13 días
  • Whats the song at 2:37?

    Ethan S.Ethan S.Hace 13 días
  • thats all im saying

    undertale corss errorundertale corss errorHace 13 días
  • baby shark.

    undertale corss errorundertale corss errorHace 13 días
  • 26:36 Its memes from indonesian

    salma aliyasalma aliyaHace 13 días
  • Kirb is super sus

    30 Fps30 FpsHace 13 días
  • 11:08 is that the monster from pitch Black

    cyber wolfcyber wolfHace 14 días
  • Hey, if someone knows Spanish, can you tell me what the monster wanted with Mario? Lugui notes and what will happen in the next season

    Ulises MartinezUlises MartinezHace 14 días
  • If anyone is interested in what the binary robot said in the Sonic the Hedgehog portion, it said ye... Ye, that’s it.

  • What song did that use for the monster hunter skit

    T33N B3ART33N B3ARHace 14 días
  • I love how u put in the subtitles "sad poyo"....gets me every time.

    Yuri stanYuri stanHace 14 días
  • Noo. the CAPTIONS

    Beanos CatalloBeanos CatalloHace 14 días
  • Do an animation of SANS VS All the characters

    [VvDarkvV][VvDarkvV]Hace 14 días
  • A Very Kirbo Christmas was so wholesome, ngl

    Jacob WilsonJacob WilsonHace 14 días
  • have to make a movie 🎥 definitely I pay a lot to watch it.

    Alegorila00Alegorila00Hace 14 días
  • 16:0

    T PhillipsT PhillipsHace 14 días
  • 48:35 I would love it if green some how got lost in a different dimension with no way home because he accidentally broke the mirror and then he comes back completely unprompted looking all bad a*s with like battle scares and a dark green robe and also has a six pack just for no reason he went threw a space war or something and had a whole tragic back story with like a wig and kids that got killed and he just got all gritty and cool then came back like “did you guys miss me” when nobody remembered he was even gone 😂😂😂

    Kert GerkinsonKert GerkinsonHace 15 días
    • *wife and kids

      Kert GerkinsonKert GerkinsonHace 15 días
  • The only thing you can remember from your dream: 3:53

    Random GuyRandom GuyHace 15 días
  • You: *sleeping* Your brain: *makes dream* The dream:

    Random GuyRandom GuyHace 15 días
  • 1:02:11 we can see terminal here

    Matt LeeMatt LeeHace 15 días
  • Binged all 3 seasons back to back. Man what a ride :D You are incredible! Cant wait to see what Season 4 has to offer for us

    Y0G0FUY0G0FUHace 15 días
  • BLA

    Darvin SanchezDarvin SanchezHace 15 días
  • honestly if i were speed demon i would've possesed sonic used the chaos emeralds to blow up part of the ship, used the chaos to possess genos, act normal and kill everyone on the ship. Then crash the ship into the HQ of what geno works for. Then le speedrunnas win

    Matt LeeMatt LeeHace 15 días
  • Chilidogs

    A BA BHace 15 días
  • Magic pancakes

    A BA BHace 15 días
  • 23:56 which Smash is this level from

    Gliched ProductionsGliched ProductionsHace 16 días
  • 21:42 what does the wingdings say?

    Gliched ProductionsGliched ProductionsHace 16 días
  • "Is that it" No

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  • A

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  • 7:39 less go

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  • Ñ

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