Something About Pac-Man (Loud Sound and Light Sensitivity Warning)馃懆鈥嶐煔馃懟

21 oct 2020
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In the far reaches of space, mysterious abandoned solar mining vessels are littered throughout the Labyrinth Cluster. Let's follow the journey into one of these derelict ships, with a Photon Aerospace Control engineer, also known as...

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Art, Animation, Sound Design and Writing by Jeremey Chinshue
Production Assistant - Vanessa Chinshue
Backgrounds by Chris Hernandez
PAC TERROR remix by MyNewSoundtrack! Check his channel out and consider supporting him on Patreon!

Pac-Man's voice clips are Isaac Clarke's voice clips from Dead Space.

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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello

Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
漏 TERMINALMONTAGE LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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  • As much as I love your super hyper nonsense screamy explosion animations, I'm an even bigger sucker for this kind. I feel like you flex the hardest on these.

    Jared DavisJared DavisHace un mes
    • @Gamer Jay what?

      Marley BasseSurgeonMarley BasseSurgeonHace 23 horas
    • @Runo he said noodle sounds in agreement

      Shadow BruhShadow BruhHace 7 d铆as
    • @Shadow Bruh what'd they say

      RunoRunoHace 7 d铆as
    • E

      soupinfested guysoupinfested guyHace 11 d铆as
    • Seriously, this is the most creative twist on an old arcade game I've ever seen, and the animation is so fluid and gorgeously designed.

      TackyRackyComixNEOTackyRackyComixNEOHace 11 d铆as
  • amogus 馃槼

    non4800non4800Hace 32 minutos
  • Amoungus xD

    Felipe Rodriguez RuizFelipe Rodriguez RuizHace 35 minutos

    Samuel PoopSamuel PoopHace 38 minutos
  • I saw fnaf

    Gacha CraftGacha CraftHace un hora
  • Pac-Man in real life be like

    Branden LignelliBranden LignelliHace un hora
  • This is just gameplay from the original Dead Space.

    Misanthropic Servitor of MarsMisanthropic Servitor of MarsHace un hora
  • Amongas 馃槇馃憣

    Zhaw' ntZhaw' ntHace un hora
  • 4:23 everything was connected, look at sonic traveling to the Smash crossover 鉁

    Dani Alighieri 銇Dani Alighieri 銇Hace un hora
  • These two BETTER be in the extended lore!

    EclipsilEclipsilHace 2 horas
  • Hold on, is that yellow blur at 4:22 Super Chili Dogs going to face off with Speedrunner Mario? The continuity is incredible

    Hor seHor seHace 2 horas
  • This makes me genuinly want a co-op pacman horror game

    Falchion776Falchion776Hace 3 horas
  • Anyone realize the Jason mask

    Danielle DanielleDanielle DanielleHace 3 horas
  • 0:27 Amogus Sorry

    YeppersYeppersHace 3 horas
  • Very good

    Yanelkis PerezYanelkis PerezHace 3 horas
  • still gives me goosebumps lol

    Chilled BaconChilled BaconHace 3 horas
  • I鈥檇 play this tbh

    ProAmericanaProAmericanaHace 3 horas
  • amongus

    Dank Duck StudiosDank Duck StudiosHace 3 horas
  • Hombre pack

    Pedro Emilio Rangel Germ谩nPedro Emilio Rangel Germ谩nHace 4 horas
  • Pens茅 que era death space

    Pedro Emilio Rangel Germ谩nPedro Emilio Rangel Germ谩nHace 4 horas
  • among us in a nutshell

    Rene PawlowskiRene PawlowskiHace 4 horas
  • Anyone else notice the Luigi face?

    LordOfThe SoupLordOfThe SoupHace 4 horas
  • Among us X PacMan?

    DayQuil23DayQuil23Hace 5 horas
  • 1:11 My name :D

    Pacman YTPacman YTHace 5 horas
  • If someone somehow modded Pac-Man and shows it to their little brothers >;)

    among_pl_us_hamong_pl_us_hHace 6 horas
  • wtf why is clyde attacking hes chill af, he's only a danger if you touch him or get cornered by other ghosts near him (this is a joke don't take this seriously)

    蕗瑟散蕼岽 蕼岽囀岽 蕗瑟散蕼岽 纱岽忈础蕗瑟散蕼岽 蕼岽囀岽 蕗瑟散蕼岽 纱岽忈础Hace 7 horas
  • Omg I love watching this stuff! I woulda never thought of this spin on pac man. Lololol thank you

    ramjrramjrHace 9 horas
  • when this was first uploaded it never said pacman

    ToastmarineToastmarineHace 10 horas
  • This animation just absolutely slaps in all the right ways. the suspense and build up, the killer custom track and overall quality. the references to other games are prevalent enough for you to recognize them but don't detract from what's going on. the Dead Space theme really fits in with how you set this up, laying a perfect base for a Horror Style PAC-Man. (also loving the inclusion of sound effects from dead space, good example of a reference at perfect ratios)

    The GlitchThe GlitchHace 11 horas
  • This one is just fucking incredible, what a twist...

    ViktusViktusHace 12 horas
  • Incredible

    Javier OteroJavier OteroHace 12 horas
  • Fun fact: Ms. Pac-Man is a more challenging game than the original. It has inconsistent patterns to make it harder for hardcore fans

    King of Ice-Cream SandwhichesKing of Ice-Cream SandwhichesHace 12 horas
  • It's all pg (yes ive seen pg stuff with blood and violence) until it bevomes TV-Y7 with the secret ending and the kid screams

    King of Ice-Cream SandwhichesKing of Ice-Cream SandwhichesHace 12 horas
  • This is such a cool way to think of pac man and I had never thought of it like this before. I will never see it the same again

    TheUndercook_spaghettiTheUndercook_spaghettiHace 13 horas
  • if they make the game Pacman based on this video ... i'll play it !

    Simon TrichereauSimon TrichereauHace 15 horas
  • why this thing reminds me... AMOGUS

    Mattia SpinoniMattia SpinoniHace 18 horas
  • .... did I just see the next game to dead space?馃槀馃槀

    Akira YangAkira YangHace 19 horas
  • That was Super Sonic flying by at the end of the post credit scene

    Jason KraneJason KraneHace 21 un hora
  • That yellow ball at the end is an awesome way to connect that to the subspace emissary

    Guilito23Guilito23Hace 21 un hora
  • W H A T

    quack_quack_Hace 23 horas
  • Among us

    gameboyadvance45gameboyadvance45Hace un d铆a
  • 1:45 I dont think anyone's noticed it, but that's bonnie lying on the ground isn't it

    J酶gezJ酶gezHace un d铆a
  • Love the music

    Melba PerezMelba PerezHace un d铆a
  • Clap clap clap

    Melba PerezMelba PerezHace un d铆a
  • Where would you be without science? "Not in this situation that's for sure..."

    jblockman_59 nunyabidnisjblockman_59 nunyabidnisHace un d铆a
  • Omg packman!!!!

    氙鸽媹氙柬姼氙鸽媹氙柬姼Hace un d铆a
  • EPIC!!!

    yeremy dolores polancoyeremy dolores polancoHace un d铆a
  • Who knew Dead Space and PAC-Man was a good mix

    SlenderMann 264SlenderMann 264Hace un d铆a
  • I surely wasn鈥檛 the only one who noticed withered Bonnie on 1:46

    Fishy FishyFishy FishyHace un d铆a
  • Conclusion: los hombres son mancos :v

    pinpin navidadpinpin navidadHace un d铆a
  • 1:45 o no they got bonnie XD

    Admiral SaltbagAdmiral SaltbagHace un d铆a
  • what is amongs?

    H U GH U GHace un d铆a
  • as uno de crash bandicoot :3

    PitFrostPitFrostHace un d铆a
  • Yellow do be sus tho馃

    Chase KerrChase KerrHace un d铆a
  • That was awesome

    A BananaA BananaHace un d铆a
  • Love it a cross between dead space and Pac-Man is genius

    Ryan the nightguardRyan the nightguardHace un d铆a
  • Someone make this canon

    FrodFrodHace un d铆a
  • W-what

    Cyber DemonCyber DemonHace un d铆a
  • that was epic. i freakin like it god it would be cool if it was a game

    Mario GonzaLezMario GonzaLezHace un d铆a
  • The lore and story of pacman

    grumpycat gamesgrumpycat gamesHace un d铆a
  • Huh cool, you can see Super Sonic on his way to fight Speed Demon Mario right at the end

    Dawn FireDawn FireHace un d铆a
  • This more epic than acary ngl

    TheDumbOne GamingTheDumbOne GamingHace un d铆a
  • I want to see the other point of view now next time. 4 people trying to hunt down a yellow xenomorph before it feeds enough to grow up

    james nugentjames nugentHace un d铆a
  • When you see 鈥淐ut off their limbs鈥 But shoot their face- Oh yea I see I sign that says 鈥淐ut off their limbs鈥 OH GOD *Shoots face*

    David BarajasDavid BarajasHace un d铆a
  • 4:20 that blur is Sonic on his way to stop speed demon Mario!

    Rowley RyanRowley RyanHace un d铆a
  • Dead Space + Pacman = PacSpace:)

    Olegon _03Olegon _03Hace un d铆a
  • That was SICK

    Yvreth AlmosYvreth AlmosHace un d铆a
  • Damn that was badass you should make this a series of episodes

    Crazy Eli's GamesCrazy Eli's GamesHace un d铆a
  • Awesome job but pacman looks like more an among us carachter xd

    el borregoel borregoHace 2 d铆as
  • He actually turned Pac-Man into a horror game this scared me a lot

    The weird CatThe weird CatHace 2 d铆as
  • I didn鈥檛 read the title so I thought it was among us.

    Davis SwainDavis SwainHace 2 d铆as
  • That was scary pac man vs ghost was a scary

    Monika BerrellezaMonika BerrellezaHace 2 d铆as
  • Amogus

    Mason MessickMason MessickHace 2 d铆as
  • **EPIK DUDE**

    Epix Gam3rEpix Gam3rHace 2 d铆as
  • it's was so gooood

    La fl猫che sauvageLa fl猫che sauvageHace 2 d铆as
  • I would love to have a Horror Pacman like that

    DeadHacksOnlineDeadHacksOnlineHace 2 d铆as
  • Thank you for this epic video!! It's still, by FAR, my favorite video of yours!! Well... besides the NoPUNintendo series... and the Something About series... yeah... P.S. Big Pac-Man fan (*

    UnknownUnknownHace 2 d铆as
  • SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS A HORROR GAME. This is actually a great idea personally like we have alot of fan games so this would be a fun option.

    Carbon WalkerCarbon WalkerHace 2 d铆as
  • ALV

    Santiago ocon lopezSantiago ocon lopezHace 2 d铆as
  • Also the fact that their ship they escaped on was an updated version of the 1981 Galaga ship made me smile, well played

    ThomasLover10852ThomasLover10852Hace 2 d铆as
  • Kinda liked the old title better tbh

    Loli TrapsLoli TrapsHace 2 d铆as
  • at bonus scene you see a yellow blur is that chili dog man?

    DiceyDiceyHace 2 d铆as
  • Epiquisimo :'D

    Dalzel JfDalzel JfHace 2 d铆as
    • Espera 驴Recib铆 un coraz贸n de TerminalMontage? :'0 que bonito se siente :'D

      Dalzel JfDalzel JfHace 2 d铆as
  • Pac-Man but with RTX on

    Fabiola RiveraFabiola RiveraHace 2 d铆as
  • amogus.

    SenufSenufHace 2 d铆as
  • Amongus

    Ceo 蛿Ceo 蛿Hace 2 d铆as

    axl clockworkeraxl clockworkerHace 2 d铆as
  • Oh my god, that Yellow Dash was Super Chili Dogs, on his way to fight Wahoo in Subspace! You made Everything connected, you mad man!

    Fubby FubbyFubby FubbyHace 2 d铆as
  • wakka wakka wakka wakka

    Ben QBen QHace 2 d铆as
  • 3:26 Giant Luigi Head appears briefly when the station exploded.

    Hero FlameHero FlameHace 2 d铆as
  • Give me crafting table from dead space 3 and i make flammable piece of sh!t that can kill anything in fourteen seconds that will cost 400k bucks.

    Lord PankechiLord PankechiHace 2 d铆as
  • WOW

    jose bellmonjose bellmonHace 2 d铆as
  • Anyone see sonic at the end? I love how most of these are connected.

    Cannabyss666Cannabyss666Hace 2 d铆as
  • How did I never see this video of your HOLY! ITS AMAZING I'm glad it was recommended to me

    ENLIGHT3N3D X10ENLIGHT3N3D X10Hace 2 d铆as
  • No words for it So amazing

    cebolinha topcebolinha topHace 2 d铆as
  • That was the weirdest something about video yet purely because nothing weird happens (minus the end)

    PeterIsNotAlivePeterIsNotAliveHace 2 d铆as
  • when the imposter is sus!

    Key master StudiosKey master StudiosHace 2 d铆as
  • This is literally the DEFINITION of Among Us.

    Leo CrouchLeo CrouchHace 2 d铆as
  • The internet doesn't have nearly enough Dead Space references.

    CinereoCinereoHace 2 d铆as
  • I swear ive watched all your videos but this absolute gem went under my radar until now? youtube why.

    Jeremy JacobsJeremy JacobsHace 2 d铆as