Ditto's Daycare Dance ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Star Coin Collector Remix by @MyNewSoundtrack

1 feb 2020
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Here's a random music video about Ditto and some really good eggs.
I actually started this near the end of 2017, but put it on the backburner to start the first "Something About Monster Hunter World" video. I meant to come back to it, but then the Something Series took off!
I was having a lot of fun with this project so I decided to finally finish it! Consider it my love letter to Ditto (Ditto, along with Sableye, Electivire, Mewtwo and Alolan Exeggutor are my favorite Pokemon)!
This animation actually marks a pivotal point in my development as an animator. From 2012 up until I started working on this video in 2017, my animation process was relatively slow - but when I began work on the Ditto animatic, the project flowed quickly and seamlessly.
After 5 years, I was finally starting to see the hard work pay off. I became more confident in my understanding of animation and my ability as an animator.
Though Ditto had to take a backseat to the #SomethingSeries for a couple of years, I’m glad I found a little time to finish the silly little animation that meant so much to me.
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Art, Animation, Backgrounds by Jeremey Chinshue
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  • Ditto: do you want egg? Me: no Ditto: understandable, *w o u l d y o u l i k e a n e g g*

    VerecundiusVerecundiusHace 8 meses
    • egs

      Icy_EvoCreoIcy_EvoCreoHace 14 horas
    • Me:no Ditto: ok but can I offer you one last thing? Me: yes Ditto: an egg?

      switch clapswitch clapHace 12 días
    • @Kamikaze Egue

      E PE PHace 12 días
    • Eeeeeeeeeggs

      Fire boy 100Fire boy 100Hace 13 días
    • E R G

      TheBleuKnight26TheBleuKnight26Hace 14 días
  • :V XD

  • Ditto and Kirbo are literally the best TerminalMontage characters

    Nightlight_Nightlight_Hace un día
  • This is basically me shiny hunting sobble and not getting a single shiny after like 1000 eggs, but still being happy since it’s sobble and sobble is one of the cutest Pokémon.

    Ryan gaming and plushRyan gaming and plushHace un día
  • 1:29 put on .25x speed....

    StickAnimationsStickAnimationsHace un día
  • XD You know that face is of kirby? Xd

    Jennifer SifontesJennifer SifontesHace un día
  • The reason there’s no explanation from lockstin is because he died

    Condorman RefreshedCondorman RefreshedHace un día
  • Pausen el vídeo para ver una cara realmente perturbadora en el momento 1:30 😨😧😨😧↓↓↓

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  • I wanna hear the song of spotify it is so happy in my lifeless life :3

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  • Imagine a slime being better at dancing than you

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  • He do be gooping

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  • It gets 1000 times better when you turn the subtitles on

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  • 1:09 its always been -wankershim- ditto

    Jacob BresslerJacob BresslerHace 3 días
  • When you think you're hatching eggs for your own benefit but really Ditto is just using you

    Moonlight By DawnMoonlight By DawnHace 3 días
  • C'est exactement sa

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  • eggs fall from the sky in union to the notes of the song Freeze-frame edit: 1:30 pause immediately the captions explain everything

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  • Egg

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  • WHAT

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  • The next video is "Egg battle royale"

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  • Ditto exploding egg rain ACTIVE

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  • Hatch those eggs my minion!

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  • Put 0,25× speed and click here 1:30 u will see are demonic ditto if u wait

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  • ( ◜‿◝ )♡

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  • There is a slight difference between when you only hear the music and when you watch the clip

  • Ditto went to far..

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  • Idk man, some parts were a little EGGsessive

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  • Ditto: Would you like an egg in these trying times?

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  • Creepy freeze frame at 1:30.

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  • How the heck does ditto even reproduce!?

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  • A

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  • Some really good editing 0:54

    Darvin SanchezDarvin SanchezHace 7 días
  • 1:28 Watch Slowly

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  • Ditto: So I’m just it convenient baby maker Everybody in the Pokémon community:YES

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  • This is EPIC

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  • I love ditto

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  • Since when did Ditto learn Egg Bomb?

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  • All the dislikes are predator pokemon who want to eat dittos eggs

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  • Professor Oak: *Gets mauled by an egg* My brain: Professor Yolk

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  • Felicidades encontraste un comentario en español (ve a mostrar mas) Feliz dia

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  • I found a Geno reference Look carefully at the right side at 1:28

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  • I love it

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  • 1:24 sons out here murdering Lockstin 💀

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  • Me:is Ditto the sky or GOD🤔:Ditto:you what some eggs no a planet full🎁

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  • Ditto is the one that throws the pokemon balls

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  • Daycares after inventing dittos: Buisness is boomin’

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  • :0 me just shocked how dido can produce so many eggs and how many wild pokemon there must be... :O

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  • Ditto is the best Pokémon to get eggs

  • Imagine seeing this line on a star map someone asks "oh it's just dittos eggs..."

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  • when your looking for perfect ev Pokémon and didn't watch a tutorial.

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  • Imagine if Ditto appears on easter only for it to rain exploding eggs. 💥 🥚 💥

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  • Ditto : Would you like an egg in these trying times

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  • Ditto: IS you WanT A eGgO?! Me: Uh sure why not? I just need one egg anyway... Ditto: It OKaY tAke 70282738292029722551939022662 eGGos :) Me: UH NO! Ditto: OkaY hoW bout 4274738929383627490201846626738292093735452838546282036283027282 eggs Me: Why do I play pokemon

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  • some of them have a shinny

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  • So good😂😂

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  • Pokemon logic. First ditto was made It made every other Pokémon exist even the creator of the worlds for an egg world then earth was created by his first child HE IS TRUE GOD

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  • Ditto: eggs 🥚 🥚 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 Humans:🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳👍

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  • XD

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  • Alternative title shinny hunting be like

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  • When you are at school before covid

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  • I don’t recall having a collector remix

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  • good start 0:02 bad ending 2:07

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  • Alternate title: slime creature has egg fetish

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  • When ditto turns into the sky it turns 10 times funnier

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  • Yoshi:master and you?

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  • I think we got Ahmad ditto conformed here boys ( 1:12 )

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  • NASA needs to hire Ditto to go to Andromeda.

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  • If you put your video playspeed at 0.5 at the minute 1:00 you will see that the egg's line not lining up with ditto

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  • Ditto is my dad I’m a chicken

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