Something About COPPA (13+ Content)

25 nov 2019
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Steps you can take:
Leave the FTC a comment (be respectful and make a case for why this ruling needs to be rewritten):
Sign the Petition:
Watch the FTCs press conference:
Link to the FTC’s document - “Protecting Children’s Privacy Under COPPA: A Survey on Compliance”:
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  • COPPA needs a cold bucket of water in their face so they’ll wake up to reality...

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  • Congratulation. Your video is not illegal

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  • My mom said I can't go on youtube anymore because I watched this inappropriate video.

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  • Again this proves the legal system is ran by the most idiotic boomers ever

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  • Music: TÙÙÙÙUU7UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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  • I wonder if any changes were brought to coppa?

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  • I found a video that's identified as inappropriate by ESworld it's also marked for kids

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  • Minecraft be lookin different

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  • coppa is such an as- *This Human is now COPPA Compliant.*

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  • My friend, now the society bring to the children's ideas very very........ CENSORED BY GOOGLE

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  • 13 yr ld kids according to coppa after watching this: WOOOOOOOOO

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  • Damn the new Madness combat is a little too kid friendly..

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  • Why did you remove the audio at the end?

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  • I have the solution let's go to the newgrounds

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  • As we progress into a new age molded by the revolutionary medium we call the "internet," the laws regarding content regulation, both copyright regulations and community guidelines for adult and child content, need to be allocated to reflect the needs of the community, both global and local, so as not to inhibit content creators and eliminate the ability to create new content entirely. As it stands, COPPA's definitions are too loosely attached to the idea that cartoons are specifically oriented towards children despite there being an overabundance of evidence suggesting that animation, as an art medium, is not created solely for child viewership. In addition, the lack thereof of any freedom of interpretation other than the surface level definitions given within COPPA's guidelines, eliminates the ability for animators to use anything that is deemed "fun" as opposed to "childlike." Without "vibrant colors," shows like "Wonder Egg Priority" would be extraordinarily bland. However, as the previously mentioned show does contain bright colors, it would be deemed a children's show according to COPPA's interpretation despite having extreme levels of violence and abuse, which COPPA is specifically against. BY eliminating the ability for artists to use any medium or subject matter they desire, COPPA is spelling the demise of the artist on content creation sites. Much like TerminalMontages video above, there is little leeway or room to truly use your animating abilities or drawing capabilities to express yourself for an adult audience, effectively showing a disregard for the importance of one of the most beautiful and vibrant art medium's of the century. COPPA, if you see this, please listen to the community of artists who work hard everyday to provide people with wonderful stories and beautiful artwork and change your regulations to better suit the community of artists who are inadvertently oppressed by your guidelines. -An artist

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  • it was so scary when that ''pet'' came up. i almost got a heart attack

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  • I blame Susan woookoohgtt...whatever her last name is

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  • Wait is the petition still in action? I want to know if signing it will actually make a difference.

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    • Neutral ending : COPPA still exist, but we can still comments in some videos Bad ending : COPPA is everywhere Good ending : COPPA disbanded

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