Something About Super Mario All-Stars Speedrun ANIMATED (Loud Sound & Light Sensitivity Warning) 馃崉馃崉馃崉

13 dic 2020
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WAHOO keeps setting world records! Is all this speedrunning going too far??

This is a teaser for the Something Series Season 3 Finale. We originally planned for a December 2020 release, but it's a large project and this has been a crazy year! We're aiming for January now! Thank you all for your patience and support :)
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Art, Animation, Sound Design, Writing by Jeremey Chinshue
Background Art & Animation by Edgar Nielsen! Check out his stuff here!!:
Chelsea Livingstone (Colonel Cheru) as Kirbo and Princess Peach
Grant Patrizio as Luigi
Music used:
Super Mario Bros 1 - Title Screen (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Super Mario Bros 1 - Overworld (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Super Mario 64 - Inside the Castle Walls (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Super Mario Bros 1 - Underground (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Super Mario Bros 1 - Fortress (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 2 - Underground (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 2 - Overworld (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 2 - Boss Battle (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 2 - Wart (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 3 - Title Midi (SMW Soundfont) From
Super Mario Bros 3 - Overworld (Sega Genesis Extended Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade
Super Mario Bros 3 - World 1 Map Midi From
Super Mario Bros 3 - Toad's House (Beta Mix) by SilvaGunner
Super Mario Bros. 3 - World 4 Map (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendofRenegade

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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
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漏 TERMINALMONTAGE LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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    Julio Cesar MattosJulio Cesar MattosHace 8 horas
  • Okey?

    Brayan CruzBrayan CruzHace 8 horas
  • Now that i think about it, this whole speed demon saga was planned from the beginning. The first animation (excluding the MH:W ones) was Yoshi's Island, the origin of Mario. Then we got Super Smash Bros, which set the tone of the story and what types if jokes we going to be presented. Later we got Kirbo Super Star, it introduced our protagonist Kirbo and his connection to Jesus. After that we got introduced to our villain Speedrunner Mario in this episode, which was foreshadowed both here and in Luigi's Mansion, first by what you said, then the boo tried to bring Mario back to hell along with the speed demon but Luigi didn't let that happen (Luigi also shows us that he is christian in that moment just like Kirbo). Simon having his own episode later isn't a coincidence either.

    銇搞倠鎻愭銇搞倠鎻愭Hace 18 horas
  • nobody mario 3: toots

    willboi134willboi134Hace un d铆a
  • What I dream at night 1:47

    Ahmad SafaAhmad SafaHace un d铆a
  • Do You Make Minecraft Speedrun Animated?

    Boy Nish Is Now A PlanetBoy Nish Is Now A PlanetHace un d铆a
  • luigi: no way. Hes to OP kirbo: open your mask meta knight >>:((//

    lulu nutlelulu nutleHace 2 d铆as
  • Mario: (doesnt slap bowser) Luigi: *Fine I'll do it myself.*

    That Terraria Guide NPCThat Terraria Guide NPCHace 2 d铆as
  • Some say he鈥檚 still building speed to this day

    fg aircheesefg aircheeseHace 2 d铆as
  • When mario says hoo hoo it sounds like poo poo and the toad actually poo and also mario got in a pipe from the toilet he ripped out the toilet then enter the pipe

    mark stephen sajulmark stephen sajulHace 3 d铆as
  • There is no scene after credits, i going to die

    marlowmarlowHace 4 d铆as
  • 0:15-0:21 LMAO I was laughing like heck

    TogekissTogekissHace 5 d铆as
  • LOL he STILL doesn鈥檛 know how to use doors

    SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob SquarePantsHace 5 d铆as
  • 1:17 hahaha oh toad

    Cooper WilsonCooper WilsonHace 5 d铆as
  • Hahahahah 0:17

    Tara AliTara AliHace 5 d铆as
  • Xd

    Luis CorralLuis CorralHace 6 d铆as
  • Basicly Mario fell in a black hole

    Leo LeoLeo LeoHace 7 d铆as
  • 1:47 Mario tries rice cakes...

    YxuerYxuerHace 7 d铆as
    • Lol

      jonnyblaze6900jonnyblaze6900Hace 7 d铆as
    • Wow, thanks a lot for the heart, Terminal 馃槃!!

      YxuerYxuerHace 7 d铆as
  • 2:42 I slapped Bowser at the last second lol

    Green Television GamesGreen Television GamesHace 8 d铆as
  • There are three Easter eggs find them all

    Angry birds fan 503 NunezAngry birds fan 503 NunezHace 8 d铆as
  • Uhh

    MauventuresMauventuresHace 9 d铆as
  • A

    Miguel gamesMiguel gamesHace 9 d铆as
  • The glitch part is a Real Easter egg

    Angry birds fan 503 NunezAngry birds fan 503 NunezHace 9 d铆as
    • Thanks for liking my comment

      Angry birds fan 503 NunezAngry birds fan 503 NunezHace 8 d铆as
    • Also your video is good

      Angry birds fan 503 NunezAngry birds fan 503 NunezHace 8 d铆as
  • All that be on Mario's way will explode

    Gold MasterGold MasterHace 9 d铆as
  • Wahoo

    Scarlet And zalgoScarlet And zalgoHace 9 d铆as
  • 0:13 can anyone give me a link to this greenscreen of the explosion meme. I've been looking all day and cant find it anywhere.

    ItsNickGamesItsNickGamesHace 9 d铆as
  • Mario鈥檚 favorite word YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOOOOO

    Todorok .icyhotTodorok .icyhotHace 9 d铆as
  • Thank you so much for to playing my game!

    PJ DoughertyPJ DoughertyHace 10 d铆as
  • wish i could subscribe 1000000000000000 times cuz thats how crazily funny mario is in your animations

    the shark gamerthe shark gamerHace 11 d铆as
  • Make Oot part two please

    Michelle HawkinsMichelle HawkinsHace 11 d铆as
  • After years of adventure,Mario is a speed run god And gliched

    鏅傞忕劇涓閮鏅傞忕劇涓閮Hace 12 d铆as
  • You forgot 鈥淟ost Levels鈥

    Connor SylvesterConnor SylvesterHace 12 d铆as
  • Me: I'm fine My mental state: 1:48

    Issra KhairIssra KhairHace 13 d铆as
  • Rip green toad 0:20

    Rogue tigerRogue tigerHace 13 d铆as
  • It only took me 35 seconds to laugh my head off I am currently laughing as I write this

    Rogue tigerRogue tigerHace 13 d铆as
  • 1:47 .25x speed

    Jasper PhamJasper PhamHace 13 d铆as
  • 0:15 This feels a lot like my Spanish classes right now...

    HyprJumpHyprJumpHace 13 d铆as
  • Huh. If you turn on captions at 1:57 the left side says it ;s/mart. The hell is *it*?

    Call 911plsCall 911plsHace 14 d铆as
  • 2:42 me encanta el sopapo que se come Bowser, es muy hilarante jajajajaja

    Emiliano Vila RoblesEmiliano Vila RoblesHace 14 d铆as
  • 1:18 toot

    Angel OlivaAngel OlivaHace 14 d铆as
  • 00:27 I鈥檓 crying馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槶馃槶

    Joel KrachJoel KrachHace 15 d铆as
  • so that one toad has premunitions of what is gonna happeh

    Just Another MonsterJust Another MonsterHace 15 d铆as
  • Absolutely a legit speedrun definitely not a fake one incredibly legit absolutely yes

    Alex LeggAlex LeggHace 15 d铆as
  • I love how this is actually the speedrun lol

    Dem1111Dem1111Hace 15 d铆as
  • Where is Super Mario Bros the lost level/ Super Mario Bros Japan 馃嚡馃嚨 2?

    Eldar TaghiyevEldar TaghiyevHace 16 d铆as
  • Dont watch this at 0.25 speed

    HeroboomHeroboomHace 16 d铆as
  • At about 1:07 I stopped it to find out what that one frame was. This, or at least the Super Mario 3 run, is run 17,872,443,982. No wonder Luigi is looking for him.

    Beanbag ManBeanbag ManHace 16 d铆as
  • 1:08 super mario bros 3

    袙械褉芯薪懈泻邪 001袙械褉芯薪懈泻邪 001Hace 16 d铆as
    • 2:02

      袙械褉芯薪懈泻邪 001袙械褉芯薪懈泻邪 001Hace 16 d铆as
  • @terminalmontage i like how you used zikubi's speedrun and real information to make the super mario 3

    AhinoriAhinoriHace 17 d铆as
  • Me:*hits elbow on chair* My entire nervous system: 1:48

    Russell OseiRussell OseiHace 17 d铆as
  • 1:48

    Renato BispoRenato BispoHace 17 d铆as
  • I play All Stars when i was child

    Dorian Matos SamboyDorian Matos SamboyHace 17 d铆as
  • 0:27 why didn鈥檛 he warp to minus world

    Joey NassarJoey NassarHace 17 d铆as
  • Hah 31 march go brr

    Zapper orangeZapper orangeHace 17 d铆as
  • At the post-credit scene of Speedrunner Mario vs Super Sonic, Mario says "PARALLEL UNIVERSES", meaning he is in Universe 19411. What if this video (Universe 13729) became Universe 19411?

    Mario MarioMario MarioHace 17 d铆as
  • Did they change the title name or it just me going crazy

    Mr ogaboogaMr ogaboogaHace 17 d铆as
  • 1:48 *Screams to the 3rd dimension*

    Battleboxer555Battleboxer555Hace 18 d铆as
  • didnt know it was *super mario 3d all stars* thanks youtube

    Chase The Pup OfficialChase The Pup OfficialHace 18 d铆as
  • 2:33 Windows 95

    Antonhy 272Antonhy 272Hace 18 d铆as
  • Kirbo's scream was the best part

  • 0:19 h e l p

  • 0:19 *MARIO.MP3*

    Playaso 'Playaso 'Hace 18 d铆as
  • At 0:42 you see for a SPLIT SECOND a bunch of green code... it shows Mario鈥檚 process!

    Lara SchroederLara SchroederHace 18 d铆as
  • Its a no use kerbo

    Isabelle MacAuslandIsabelle MacAuslandHace 19 d铆as
  • 0:18 is to cursed

    Games with peachcordGames with peachcordHace 19 d铆as
  • 1:47

  • 1:03 this make me laugh

    銉凾erodactil 01銉銉凾erodactil 01銉Hace 19 d铆as
  • 0:08 RUN: 264 473 598,772 this the number of times Mario did speedruns before being p...?!

    Augusto RodriguesAugusto RodriguesHace 19 d铆as
  • "Yah yah yah yahoooo ya ya yahoo"

    Fluffy 87Fluffy 87Hace 20 d铆as
  • Pause well at 1:00 to see Sonic. Bro, when will you get Crash Bandicoot in one of your vids?

    Zain Al Abedeen Al SaadiZain Al Abedeen Al SaadiHace 20 d铆as
  • When are you going to do some thing about Bowser鈥榮 Fure

    Sebastian mjy Napier mjySebastian mjy Napier mjyHace 20 d铆as
  • 2:30 DANGER power level. Well that's not good.

    Cooper ChilcottCooper ChilcottHace 22 d铆as
    • Omg thanks for 鉂わ笍'ing my comment!!!

      Cooper ChilcottCooper ChilcottHace 21 un d铆a
  • N-n-no 0:18

    emilyemilyHace 22 d铆as
  • ..

    Annmarie CatorAnnmarie CatorHace 22 d铆as
  • 6:72

    Annmarie CatorAnnmarie CatorHace 22 d铆as
  • 9;99

    Annmarie CatorAnnmarie CatorHace 22 d铆as
  • 8;55

    Annmarie CatorAnnmarie CatorHace 22 d铆as
  • !!!!!!! 9:63

    Annmarie CatorAnnmarie CatorHace 22 d铆as
  • Is different

    BlackBlackHace 22 d铆as
  • You should do a something about TLoZ Skyward sword since it's getting a remake

    Error 503Error 503Hace 23 d铆as
  • Cops be like 1:28

    J.J. SandersJ.J. SandersHace 23 d铆as
  • WTF!!!!!!!!1:48

    emilyemilyHace 23 d铆as
  • Just remember: If you see TerminalMontage's videos, enable the subtitles! They are heckin' good!

    Heroas HamserosHeroas HamserosHace 23 d铆as
  • Dude you HAVE to do something about paper mario. It begs for a speed run demon appearance AND the music is just too good not to do. Also do Mario Tennis man

    Timothy DealTimothy DealHace 23 d铆as
  • 0:39 *Law and Layer Special Victims Unit Intro Starts Playing*

    Naivet MorontaNaivet MorontaHace 24 d铆as
  • Now next do SM3DAllstars

    Melanie ScherbarthMelanie ScherbarthHace 24 d铆as
  • 2:32 Windows 95

    Player 2Player 2Hace 25 d铆as
  • It 's more CRAZY

    Gabriel RodriguesGabriel RodriguesHace 26 d铆as
  • 诪讬 驻讛 诪讬 讛讬砖专讗诇

    Sam The kingSam The kingHace 26 d铆as
  • 讝讛 讙专讜注 专爪讞

    Sam The kingSam The kingHace 26 d铆as
  • 1:48 Hell of Mario

    Ultra64_ArchiveUltra64_ArchiveHace 26 d铆as
  • Okay so basically to summarize: WAHOO

    Nintendo FanaticNintendo FanaticHace 26 d铆as
  • Mario: crashes into castle Captions: 馃幎 馃幍

    PlaydoughMasterPlaydoughMasterHace 27 d铆as
  • This is hilarious

    Z- manZ- manHace 27 d铆as
  • It like Mario a glitch when he just went into the wall and in the pipe

    Tobby fazbearTobby fazbearHace 27 d铆as
  • 2:33 Don't tell me.... IS THAT WINDOWS 95?!

    VMTutorialsVMTutorialsHace 27 d铆as
  • Mario spawned tornado.

    Among The MemesAmong The MemesHace 28 d铆as
  • jahoo

    Yhoangamer PlusYhoangamer PlusHace 28 d铆as
  • 1:07 what?!!

    keiler durankeiler duranHace 28 d铆as
    • its just some stonks, dont worry

      Matto must SplattoMatto must SplattoHace 26 d铆as
  • Wth 1:47

    vitor Gabriel Marques Da Silvavitor Gabriel Marques Da SilvaHace 29 d铆as