Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale 馃實 Collab With @Lockstin & Gnoggin

17 may 2019
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ALRIGHT. I wasn't going to do this, but thousands of you requested it so I'm re-running the Battle Royale Simulation with Legendary (and Mythical) Pokemon! Make sure you also check out the explanation at Lockstin's Channel here!: esworld.info/do/np6ziKmjqavWa5I/v-deo.html
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Music used:
Pokemon Black/2/White/2 - Legendary Pokemon (SNES) by ParabeetleX
Pokemon USUM: Ultra Necrozma Battle Remix by GlitchxCity esworld.info/do/l4mZlYhnj6_Hh5o/v-deo.html
Pokemon R/B/Y : Professor Oak's Lab Acoustic cover by Steven Morris
The scream at 4:08 by Zach Hadel
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  • Chaos CONTROL!

    Maria Filipinas TanghalMaria Filipinas TanghalHace un hora
  • So HK 47 is Registeel. Seems legit

    Steven BrittSteven BrittHace 6 horas
  • giratina wins

    Jo茫o Pedro correiaJo茫o Pedro correiaHace 11 horas
  • 2:15 sucker

    Pat RykPat RykHace 11 horas
  • When regi said 鈥渕y body is ready鈥 in subtitles it said 鈥渕y body is regi鈥

    Asahi Gaming mobileAsahi Gaming mobileHace 11 horas
  • registeel is trying to commit slaughter yikes

    Barney ProductionsBarney ProductionsHace 12 horas
  • Im surprised ultimate zygarde didnt do any thing

    Roman PRoman PHace 12 horas
  • Crazy to think that Kirby is as strong as groudon since he cracked the earth by just stepping on it

    Phantom WavePhantom WaveHace 15 horas
  • Yea right when 2 powerful Pokemon meet the computer is gonna f*****g crash

  • Sooooooo鈥︹︹︹. Arceus is secretly Thanos?

    KrisVic 10KrisVic 10Hace 16 horas
  • The trainer hacked in the arceus

    Steel Sword GamingSteel Sword GamingHace 19 horas
  • b kugjl

    Animesh KumarAnimesh KumarHace 21 un hora
  • I have a absolutely wonderful love for Pok茅mon 馃摳鉁呪渽鉁卬o cap

    FouraptorFouraptorHace un d铆a

  • When Kyurem stepped on Keldeo I couldn鈥檛 stop laughing馃槀

    Yung GotenYung GotenHace un d铆a
  • Thats how chaos was brung on the roria region

    RayquazaRayquazaHace un d铆a
  • Arceus: Litteral god and creator of the universe The animator: Necrozma wins (at least on the left ending)

    桅喂位喂蟺蟺慰蟼 螝慰蠀渭蟺维蟻慰蟼桅喂位喂蟺蟺慰蟼 螝慰蠀渭蟺维蟻慰蟼Hace un d铆a
  • Arceus he is not a legendary it's a mitical

    Izan PiedrabuenaIzan PiedrabuenaHace un d铆a
    • But i like si much the video

      Izan PiedrabuenaIzan PiedrabuenaHace un d铆a
  • 2:57 godzilla_noises.exe

    Liam PlayzLiam PlayzHace un d铆a

    Liam PlayzLiam PlayzHace un d铆a
  • Enti gaw nah gaa

    Micaiah ClintonMicaiah ClintonHace un d铆a
  • 1:36 hi squishy really miss you and bonnie

  • 1:03 zapdos is like a mosquitoes

  • I didn鈥檛 see mew.

    Ricardo MunozRicardo MunozHace un d铆a
  • Where is yveltal馃槶

    Abuk TVAbuk TVHace un d铆a
  • 3:46 The Best Death Edit: Hi

    The Worst Pok猫mon YoutuberThe Worst Pok猫mon YoutuberHace un d铆a
  • Every other Legendary/Mythical Pokemon: U L T R A B A L L Shaymin: M A S T E R B A L L

    Trap ChanTrap ChanHace un d铆a
  • Pa hababatikaka hababatikakaka hababa babababa

    K鈥檇ynn BK鈥檇ynn BHace un d铆a
  • you'r vids are sick!!!

    cute mitsukecute mitsukeHace un d铆a
  • Solgaleos last words: Oh no

    Matcha_BiscuitMatcha_BiscuitHace 2 d铆as
  • Ruining my full childhood 馃槕馃槕馃槕

    LEO 銉刾aponLEO 銉刾aponHace 2 d铆as
  • Arceus willl destroy every single one of them and if he doesnt itll probably just sit there watching

    Rochelle VillafuerteRochelle VillafuerteHace 2 d铆as
  • As a Gen 4 Nerd, I love how little Heatran actually did

    /Crash Studios/Crash StudiosHace 2 d铆as
  • 馃寶馃寶馃寶馃寶馃寶馃寶鈽団槆馃尅馃尅馃尅馃尅馃尅馃尅馃尅馃尌馃尌鈽団槆AAAAAAAAAAAA

    Branca DeneveBranca DeneveHace 2 d铆as
  • 馃寢馃寢馃寢馃寢馃寢

    Branca DeneveBranca DeneveHace 2 d铆as
  • 馃惗馃惗馃惗馃惗馃惗馃惗馃惗馃惗馃惗馃悤馃悤馃悤馃悆馃悆馃悆馃悆馃尦馃尦馃尦馃尦馃尦

    Branca DeneveBranca DeneveHace 2 d铆as

    Branca DeneveBranca DeneveHace 2 d铆as

    Branca DeneveBranca DeneveHace 2 d铆as
  • Z馃實馃實馃實馃實馃實馃實馃實馃實馃實馃實馃實馃寧馃寧馃寧馃審馃審馃審馃審馃審馃椇鉀梆煆曫煆栶煆溾浖馃寜馃寗馃寣

    Branca DeneveBranca DeneveHace 2 d铆as
  • 馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槰馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺

    Branca DeneveBranca DeneveHace 2 d铆as
  • 2:55 Godzilla roar

    Brayden BeaverBrayden BeaverHace 2 d铆as
  • I'm fine 2:53

    Eagle AldoEagle AldoHace 2 d铆as
  • Rip the hicker on the montoin

    Charles WentworthCharles WentworthHace 2 d铆as
  • This is why pokemon don't exist because the world would not exist with them in it

    Aaron MagnifisaurusAaron MagnifisaurusHace 2 d铆as
  • Victini is Mewtwo friend

    Nvc NvcNvc NvcHace 2 d铆as
  • Imagine ur eternatus and u get captured by a kid and are never used when u can rip of the kid

    dogedogeHace 2 d铆as
  • Zapdos is my favorite pokemon

    Ashia SaheelAshia SaheelHace 2 d铆as
  • At 5:44 kulu-ya-ku is in the left bottom corner for a single frame. Bird up

    Sakura the sharkittenSakura the sharkittenHace 3 d铆as
  • W.T.F hahahahahaha dis is battle royal hahahaha the legendary is weak

    Hannah warHannah warHace 3 d铆as
  • Wait until arceus wakes up

    dogedogeHace 3 d铆as
  • *it's amazing how lazy yet complex your animation is*

    SMToon - 袪芯褋褋懈褟SMToon - 袪芯褋褋懈褟Hace 3 d铆as
  • 亩K亩KKKKKKKKK亩K馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

    Josemar FerreiraJosemar FerreiraHace 3 d铆as
  • This suddenly surpassed Link in Most Popular

    Luki WeiLuki WeiHace 3 d铆as
  • I SAW THE MASTER BALL :0!!!!!!!

    ADHBeeADHBeeHace 3 d铆as
  • 3:09 me when I'm getting a needle

    Lucious LagrelleLucious LagrelleHace 3 d铆as
  • Amazing is cool and funny

    lourdes lopezlourdes lopezHace 3 d铆as
  • 1:23 Heresy!

    Matthew HeselwoodMatthew HeselwoodHace 3 d铆as
  • Gooooooooddddamannnittttyt My cellphone is acting up again

    Indiana MoansIndiana MoansHace 3 d铆as
  • 闈㈢櫧銇忋仸銇ㄣ仸銈傝壇銇勷煈嶐煈

    绲跺銇崚銈夈仚銈ゃ兗銉绲跺銇崚銈夈仚銈ゃ兗銉Hace 3 d铆as
  • I lost it completely at "My body is Regi"

    xHyperEgend_xHyperEgend_Hace 3 d铆as
  • I think this video would be even more amazing if in the part that Yveltal dies and absorbs everything and necrozma escapes, mewtwo followed it and then try to stop ultra necrozma.

    max camargo111max camargo111Hace 3 d铆as
  • Easter Eggs World Generation 0:08 Pikachu 0:16 Pixel Explosion 0:17 0:46 Vomit 0:43 Master Ball 0:47

    Xueyan GuoXueyan GuoHace 3 d铆as
  • Necrozma: Your powers remind me that of the gods'..... *BENEATH ME!!*

    K TK THace 3 d铆as
  • Ho-oh leg

    Cong Minh DangCong Minh DangHace 4 d铆as
  • grudun its the best

    etty abadietty abadiHace 4 d铆as
  • What meme did u use in the battle royal

    Eagle AldoEagle AldoHace 4 d铆as
  • 5:44 bird up

    thomas freymannthomas freymannHace 4 d铆as
  • Mega Mewtwo y and mega ratqaza are both stronger the arsesus

    claydashclaydashHace 4 d铆as
  • Was Tapu Bulu in this? I couldn't find him in the Royale.

    TheFriedBriTheFriedBriHace 4 d铆as
  • I want a Rematch version with Zacian Zamazenta and The Hand

    Nam JunhyunNam JunhyunHace 4 d铆as
  • HK-47 quotes are smacky.

    Zechariah SilerZechariah SilerHace 4 d铆as
  • Mewtwo is love 鈾ワ笍

    NEWTO PGNEWTO PGHace 4 d铆as
  • victini wins bc victini is always victorious... even though its dead

    Tudor4FunTudor4FunHace 4 d铆as
  • Entei : bah...ha baba... habagadaba

    Fluffylein2009Fluffylein2009Hace 4 d铆as

    Jarno Van der LaanJarno Van der LaanHace 4 d铆as
  • I love how registeel is just standing there and not melting from the heat

    zenitsuzenitsuHace 5 d铆as
  • 1:36 *zygarde.exe has stopped working*

    TogekissTogekissHace 5 d铆as
  • I still can鈥檛 believe how you got actual voice actor of Professor Oak to voice this meme of animation

    Hikari WhiteHikari WhiteHace 5 d铆as
  • My friend and I constantly quote these Battle Royals As we are the only ones that watch these, our other friends gives us weird look not understanding what鈥檚 so funny

    Hikari WhiteHikari WhiteHace 5 d铆as
  • Hey shamin is in a master ball

    bobo clownbobo clownHace 5 d铆as
  • 80% legendaries : ultra ball 19% legends : free Shaymin : master ball 0:47

    Udai Raj YadavUdai Raj YadavHace 5 d铆as
  • Terminal this is your fault 馃槀馃槀 my mom thought my cp is so broke now when ultra necrozma fighting arceus

    Gabriel ViernesGabriel ViernesHace 5 d铆as
    • Hehehe thank u

      Gabriel ViernesGabriel ViernesHace 5 d铆as
  • ( When Necroz Got TAKE BY AREUS ) : Oh F路ck

    Albertito MancillaAlbertito MancillaHace 5 d铆as
  • 2:55 when u become de master of Pok茅mon sword

    Goldtron359 BroadGoldtron359 BroadHace 5 d铆as
  • 銉炪儶銈仺銇嬨偒銉笺儞銈c仺銇嬨偧銉儉銇皬銉嶃偪銈傘亗銇c仸瀣夈仐銇忋仾銇c仧

    AKAKHace 5 d铆as
  • Not gonna lie; that design of Necrozma with Arceus fusion is dope. I want to see some more art of that

    RangerPlaysRangerPlaysHace 5 d铆as
  • I love how the animation is so simple yet so detailed. It's the little things you notice once you've watched it several times that get ya.

    RangerPlaysRangerPlaysHace 5 d铆as
  • 2:27 when u step on a lego

    SyllablesSyllablesHace 5 d铆as
  • 2:22 lego be like

    MetaChopMetaChopHace 5 d铆as
  • deyoxis: attacks ryquaza Rayquaza: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Dominic MaynardDominic MaynardHace 5 d铆as
  • Dude that's amazing 馃敟

    Pranay SinghPranay SinghHace 5 d铆as
  • Bruh lugia really CLAPPED the legendary trio birds right when spawn F Btw go to 5:45 has anyone notice it??? And 2:53 look at the regiice

  • If u have hoopa his true form he could鈥檝e won, he鈥檚 been seen in the movie being able to challenge legendary Pok茅mon and win.

    Spr1nklednoobSpr1nklednoobHace 6 d铆as
  • 4:49 5:02 5:48

    銇嬨倝銇傘亽銇曘倱銇嬨倝銇傘亽銇曘倱Hace 6 d铆as
  • Rip mewton he was on a kill streak

    BROOKSBROOKSHace 6 d铆as
  • Loving how you used all of Deoxys' forms. Amazing how crazy detailed your vids are.

    NightninjaNightninjaHace 6 d铆as
  • 5:16 za warudo

    Dante DelgadoDante DelgadoHace 6 d铆as
  • *global extinction*

    PlavoPlavoHace 6 d铆as
  • Lol kyogre me favorite legendary

    Greatest JediGreatest JediHace 6 d铆as
  • I鈥檓 CRAZY about those pictures

    Lucas LiLucas LiHace 6 d铆as